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Friday, 15 July 2011

Cameras that never worked

During the ten years in which I didn't own a working camera, I used to frequent boot sales on a regular basis.  This is when boot sales were the latest thing in England.  On a Sunday morning, we would drive over to a local boot sale and spend around two hours wandering around, looking for interesting things to waste money on.  I guess this is where I realised my fondness for old junk and yesteryear's unwanted bric-a-brac. At this time, I was also listening to 1950's rock'n'roll, driving around in 1950's cars, and watching 1950's B-movies. (This was the eighties). 

During these many boot sale mornings, after hunting through old cardboard boxes of others peoples unwanted junk, I picked up quite a few old cameras. These were very cheap, often less than one pound each.  I would bring them home and place them on shelves around my house; together with old toy robots and matchbox cars.  I just thought they were interesting to look at, and sometimes proved useful conversation pieces.

I have NEVER tried to take a picture with any of them. 

I had no idea of their worth, although often kidded myself into believeing they had some rare value.  There was no internet in those days, so no way of checking such things.  I have since found out that they are virtually worthless, due to the fact that there are so many of them knocking around.  The following pictures are the only cameras I have left.
    Italian made Comet                         English made Ensign E29                Ensign SELFIX 16-20

Maybe I should one day try and take some pictures with these...  but I probably never will.

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