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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Moving Subjects

Welcome to Moving Subjects.

Moving Subjects is primarily about photography. More acurately, my interest in photography; which will include some of my work, together with my general ramblings on all things photography.

This is my first attempt at blogging; so I will try to keep things simple to start with. My mind has the ability to wander off subject, and this often causes problems with my interests in photography. For example; one week I am crazy about landscapes, the next week I am shooting architecture. I am hoping that by recording my work in a blog, I will begin to understand and control my direction.

I have been interested in photography for many years. I remember one of my best birthday presents as a child was a Kodak Instamatic pocket camera. I think that anyone, who is forty or older, would have used one of these at some time in their life. They were cheap and totally idiot proof.  The kodak 127 films were fully enclosed plastic cartidges, which you just had to pop in the back of the camera, and then shoot away. Click click click...  post the film off to the developers....  and a few days later you could sit down with your family and look at all the somewhat blurry and sometimes overexposed pictures of family and holiday camps.  Do you remember those flash cubes???

When I was a teenager, I studied photography in school. It didn't lead to any qualifications, and was organised by a few sixth formers for any lads who showed an interest. Our school had a little dark room with an ancient enlarger and racks of chemicals. The print paper was all free, but only black and white. I can recall many fun hours messing around in the dark room, although I am not really sure if I actually produced many good photos! I did however manage to get my hands on a simple SLR. It was a PRAKTICA 'something or other', a tatty old East German camera. I used to take photos and ask 'bigger boys' to develop them for me. I learned about photography the old fashioned way. Lots of trial and error... lots of twiddling... lots of exposed films... but a gradual understanding of how it all worked.

I have no idea where that old camera went... or any of my masterpieces... that is a shame.

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