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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A few more old photos - 2005 to 2007

Here are a few shots taken in Japan, and recently converted to black and white. I have cropped these to sqaure format. I love square crops, especially if they are presented in a series of shots. It doesn't suit all subjects but seems to work well on street photography.

I rarely ever process to a sepia style. For some reason, sepia suited the following image better than black and white. I have faded the border using a lightened vignette, which adds to the antique feel.

Another trait of my photography is shooting at angles.  I have no idea where this came from, I just started shooting buildings at various angles...  sometimes quite uncomfortable viewing, sometimes easier on the eye.  Maybe it reflects the confusion of modern architecture. Here is an example of how they turn out.

The rest of these are just an unconnected series of images taken in Japan during these years.  I must have taken thousands of images, but on re-evaluation of my point and shoot photography back then, only a few are worthy of posting on my blog.

Japan is a very confused country visually. The cities are a mixture of beauty and ugliness, modernity and antiquity. The majority of the architecture is actually quite strange, formed from utilitarian square design together with an ultra futuristic dressing. Electrical power lines fill the voids between the buildings, suspended on a multitude of pylons running down the streets. Advertising and neon signage covers everything, leaving little space for much else.  There are vending machines every few metres, selling everything you could possibly need. I actually got quite partial to the cans of hot coffee from these machines. There is not  much space left in the cities for much in the way of nature, although Japanese people will have micro gardens on the pavement just outside their shops and doorways. Japan's nature has been pushed way out to the real countryside.

I found the Japanese cities to be an enthralling place to be. Exciting and strange, fun and scary! The main element of any city around the world is it's people. Of course Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka have plenty of people. This creates life and movement in all the images.  So much to photograph.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful collection of photos!
All well captured!

Gerry's Blog said...

Bill I love your Black and Whites, you are a phenomenal photographer. Your colors are also equally as impressive... I tend to get drawn to B&Ws ... You convey the feel of the streets through your photos. Great job buddy!!!!

Bill Wellham said...

Cheers Gerry... I only recently started going black and white myself. Maybe for six months. For street photography I think it is the only way forward for me now. (epsecially since I got Silver Efex Pro on Photoshop!)