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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sony Cybershot W1 - Architecture - 2005 to 2007

I'm still posting some images which were taken using my old Sony Cybershot W1.  I mentioned previously that I have always had an interest in architecture, and my rekindled interest in photography allowed me to start snapping away at interesting buildings which  I noticed on my travels in England and Japan.

Back in 2005 to 2007, my skills in photography were mostly based around the  'see it', 'point at it' and 'click' method. This is essentially what this camera was for.  Many of the images were not great, but a few had the potential to be improved with the power of photoshop. This is one of those skills which I have learned only recently, so I can dig through all my old images and breathe new life into old forgotten photos. Tweaking around with colour filters, contrast, sharpening etc is sometimes a slow process, often resulting in a horrible mess. With a little perserverence, it is possible to create some black and white images which are much stronger than the original colour.  I believe that architecture looks great in black and white, although sometimes a beautiful colour image wins.

The following are just a few examples of architecture images taken with the old Sony. All are recently processed in photoshop, with the exception of the colour image, which is untouched in all it's golden glory. Click thumbnails for larger image.

A few words about architecture. I believe that everyone must have some kind of interest in architecture. We all live in towns and cities full of buildings. We live and work in buildings. Every single building has had an architect involved in it's design and construction. Of course not all buildings are beautiful, some are purely functional and are designed without inspiration, and many were designed just after the second world war with limited money available. Never the less, our cities are full of amazing buildings which should inspire us in different ways. Some people will be drawn to ancient cathedrals and castles, some people are excited by modern towers of glass and steel. Knowledge of architecture is not required for the average building user; we can leave all the engineering know-how to the quiet men who design our cities. All we need is a little apreciation for the results of their hard work.

Here are a few final black and white images taken a few years ago with the Sony Cybershot, which have been processed to breathe new life into them. Click thumbnails for larger image.


Anonymous said...

I think they turned out pretty nice!
The b&w image and the golden one make a perfect match!

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks Dennis. I like a little splash of colour amongst all those shades of grey :)