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Monday, 8 August 2011

Sunrise over Wivenhoe

Some good advice: It is a good idea to carry a small camera with you at all times.

This is not so easy with a DSLR, but a small camera is perfect for most pockets.  You never know what you might miss.  Back in 2007, on a chilly morning in October; I went for a cycle ride along the river path. It is one of my favourite bike rides, which runs along the River Colne from Colchester towards the small village of Wivenhoe. Being around six miles in total, with no hills and just nice river views, it suits me perfectly.  A nice leisurely ride, some fresh air, sounds of birds in the early morning...  lovely.

This particular morning, I left home around 7am just before sunrise, and rode off into the fog. It was more of a thick mist than a fog, but nothing to deter me from my Sunday morning bike ride.

As I cycled along the river path, I noticed that the sky was becoming slowly brighter as the sunrise was approaching. Watching the sky ahead of me, I could see a lovely pinkish glow trying to break through the mist. Naturally, I stopped and grabbed my Sony Cybershot from my jacket pocket, and took a few pictures of the mist and river.  The sky was becoming pinker by the minute.

The above two photos were taken half way between Colchester and Wivenhoe. You can just make out the winding river path which I like to cycle on.  Ahead is the looming sunrise, partly hidden through the shifting layers of river mist.  I would like to add that at 7am in October, it was NOT warm. My fingers were slightly numb as I fumbled with the camera controls.   I cycled onwards, and after another five minutes I arrived at Wivenhoe sailing club, as the sun started to rise above the grey Essex horizon.

As I previously mentioned, it pays to have a camera wherever you are;  and this is easy nowadays with mobile phones and i-phones etc.  We can never tell when we are going to have a beautiful sunrise. Of course we have a sunrise every day; but a combination of weather and atmosphere can sometimes create amazing colours. Also, location plays a big part for a nice sunrise.  Luckily I had my old Sony, which by this time was not exactly cutting edge equipment, but served its purpose well.  I did adjust the ISO up a few stops as it was still quite dim at first, and I rested the camera on my bike handlebars to steady the camera, sitting on the bike as I took the shots.  So I would like to share the splendour of nature which I witnessed that cold October morning.

After the sun had finally broken through, the mist disappeared rapidly, leaving a clear crisp blue sky morning. Just a trace of layered mist remained over the water.  Here are a few more early morning shots:

Finally...  here is my favourite image from the whole set.  I may never catch a sunrise again. 


Anonymous said...

Again thank you for sharing!
I like the last photo as well it has a exotic vibe to it!
Very nice!

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks Dennis. I was lucky with the location/mist/sunrise... (it is hard to take a bad picture of such a thing of beauty though)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I love sunrises. I prefer them to sunsets. They just seem more atmospheric. The mist adds an eerie quality. I love the series running through. And Wivenhoe is very pretty.

Storycollector said...

Just fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing. Especially like the last photo: amazing.