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Monday, 26 September 2011

The green stuff

I guess the vast majority of my photography is of places and people, objects and abstracts, buildings and cities. Most of the images I have taken seem to mostly contain inanimate subjects, mostly man made creations, often mixed with human activity.

The stuff that is not man made is called 'nature'.  Or as I often refer to it as 'The Green Stuff'. Trees and grass, flowers and landscape, sky and sunshine, water and rock, are all nature.  It is impossible to avoid these natural objects appearing in many shots. Every city is full of trees and parks, grass and plants. All towns have birds and bees, rats and weeds. (thankfully the rats don't make too many appearances in my photography).

Most of the time I wander around looking at buildings and people; concrete, tarmac, flesh and fabric.  These are the things that I am interested in.  So for a city shooter like myself, it is a real challenge and change of habit to attempt photographing the green stuff.

I have very little knowledge of trees, plants and flowers.  As far as I am concerned; they grow out of the ground, are green with additional bright colours, move around too much to focus, are homes for bugs, and create pollen.

But anyway, I like to try anything a few times just for the hell of it.  Here are a few unidentified examples of green stuff which I have found growing within the realms of the city and town.  I have tried to concentrate on purely the nature, whilst removing all traces of the town and city. Some of them are sharper than others; some are better composed. But at least I tried.

 When I look at nature photography taken by really skilled photographers, I am amazed at how they capture the very essence of nature itself.  They have a patience beyond which I can only imagine, a far steadier hand than my own, and a greater knowledge of their subject.  I know there are more suitable lenses for such work, and I am sure a technique for capturing this kind of imagary is well known...  by those who know.  

I prefer to just capture a little of the green stuff, every now and then.


Michael Gatton said...

Fantastic, Bill. Love the simple, uncluttered look in these shots - the last one with just the green leaves and the washed out white sky is very well executed.

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks Mike. Actually, the last one was almost trashed after I took it. Like some things though, it slowly grew on me. (not literally lol)