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Thursday, 13 October 2011

In the pocket

On a recent post, I introduced the Ricoh GRD which I bought back in 2008. It took me a while to get used to this new camera; many weeks of disappointment, hundreds of questionable images, and a generally unsatisfied photographer. I did, however, persevere. After a while I started to get some interesting images.

The most important thing about having the Ricoh turned out to be the fact that I never left home without it. Unlike the DSLR, which is hardly pocket size; the GRD can slip into any pocket.  This can be said for any small consumer point and shoot camera, of course; but the difference with the GRD is that it is totally controllable - either fully manual, or through aperture and shutter modes.  This naturally leads the user to constantly experiment and try different ways of getting an image. Also, it leads to taking shots in a much more spontaneous nature, which in turn leads to a more variety of photography.

The GRD allows the user to store custom settings parameters, which can be selected at any time.  This is ideal for street photography, for example, where it can be set up with a pre-fixed focus, aperture and/or shutter speed, ISO etc;  but annoyingly, I never quite managed to master the art of getting good shots of people.  This is something I would learn later, with the GRD3.

Here are a bunch of images taken with the GRD; displaying differing subject matter, styles and formats.  These are just some of the images I quite liked, from a large number in my archive. They all have slight issues, mistakes, blurring, under/over exposure etc...   but they do at least show that it is great to have a second camera, in your pocket!

Roman Bust - City of Bath

'Big Issue' Seller

Golden Harvest Time

Japanese Lunch and a Beer



River Colne - Colchester

On Brighton Pier

Riverside Apartments - Colchester


2000 year old architecture

River Colne, again

Local Green Grocer

Boudica - modern statue in Colchester

Stone Cross


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Bill Wellham said...

Cheers Dennis.

Michael Gatton said...

These are lovely, Bill. I like the selective use of vignetting in the collection - it sets them off, and it's not overdone. Some day in the far distant future I will have to get a second, small camera...