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Friday, 7 October 2011

More of the lone figure

Here are another four images which fall into the same subject as my recent post The Lone Figure, where I am trying to show a single person, usually from a distance. I quite like this type of image, even if the person is relatavely small within the background. Sometimes it can convey how small a person is compared to the city surroundings, and in other situations it can show the quiet parts of a city.

The first image, showing an old person ambling home through the Kyoto backstreets, is a little fuzzy. Trying to capture night time images without a tripod is a gamble. I try to use a lamp post to hold the camera against, but it doesn't always work. I like the image though, just because I like the scene.

The second image was taken in a somewhat shabby part of Osaka. I have to say though that the roughest parts of Japanese cities are probably safer than any place in UK. The buildings aren't exactly attractive, but everything is clean and graffiti free, and virtually crime free.

As for the third image; maybe I have a thing about parasols, as they keep appearing in my images. They are incredibally common in Japanese summers, as much so as the umbella in the winter.

The final image is taken within a very modern part of Osaka. The building in the background is the entrance to an art gallery; the main building being built underground. A lone figure sits on the steps, having managed to find a quiet place to read a book. In the centre of a city of millions, where are all the people?


Anonymous said...

Great work again :)

Michael Gatton said...

Very nice, Bill. There is something uncanny about these public spaces that should/could be filled with people - there's a sort of twilight zone last-person-on-earth feeling to them.

Gerry's Blog said...

I love these types of images, they draw you into the photo and into the life of this lone person. Your exposer is dead on as always.... Great job

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks guys. Kind comments.