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Friday, 25 November 2011


The following are some images of some of the projects I have been involved with as part of my work.  Basically, I am a design draughtsman working in the area of construction. In particular, I specialise in producing drawings and designs for various architectural metalwork components for new building projects.  The majority of the construction is contemporary residential developments around the London area.  As projects are completed, I always dash in and take a few photographs for our company records.  photographing these buildings has been one of the things that has dragged me back into photography as a hobby.

The following images are nearly all of balconies which I have designed.  Generally, architects use balconies as one of the major features to add something to the overall aesthetic design.  Mostly they are designed using glass balustrade.  Recently, there has been a fashion for brightly coloured glass, which may look nice this year, but sometimes I wonder if these will look rather dated in a decade from now.

I have used my Nikon D80 for most of these, and some were taken with my range of old school digital cameras. I have processed them in different ways...  always trying to get a little more from the original image.


Gerry's Blog said...

Hey Bill, its amazing how with your creative eyes you can make the ordinary look extraordinary. I think we take balconies for granted and you have shown us how artistic they can be. Great job

PS im not saying your work is ordinary... please dont take offense =)

Michael Gatton said...

Beautiful, Bill. The photos and the designs of the balconies. I love the colored glass design, but I think it would be fantastic even without the colors. And I suppose that's the thing, if in a few years the color seems dated, how hard would it be to replace them? - assuming the building doesn't get "landmark" status before that happens :-)

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks guys.

Gerry.. You are right in a way about ordinary. If you took away some of these glass and metal features, underneath they are all just 'people boxes'. I suppose architecture allows those boxes to be more bearable to look at and to live in.

Mike.. They are thankfully, replacable glass. Although I also think that the way architecture dates over the decades is quite important. Maybe in 15 years, glass will be old-news anyway, and something frighteningly new will replace it all. Or maybe, balconies will be 'old-news' LOL