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Monday, 14 November 2011

Greenwich Market - Part 2

Continuing my recent Greenwich Martket post, here are another four images, once again all taken with my Ricoh GRD3. I wanted to capture the sense of the stalls and the people, and how they interact with each other.

There are some quite fabulous jewellery stalls, mostly selling either antique and second hand trinkets, or hand crafted items of very high quality.  The following two shots show a customer trying on some rings.  The second shot was taken as close as I dare.  Although I am not personally a fan of jewellery and other such trinkets, I was very impressed with the quality of the hand made items; they were incredibly artistic with such fine detail.

I am still amazed at how well the Ricoh captures fine detail, especially as I prefer to use a super large depth of field in the kind of photography. Isolating the faces and details within these markets doesn't give the overall feeling of what is going on all around.  I feel that the background is just as important as the subject.

This lady is working away in her leather goods stall.  I watched her for a while, as she punched holes in leather belts.  Her stall sold a whole manner of leather bags and belts, together with all the metal accessories that go with them. I liked her concentration and careful hands.  I quietly took the image while standing up against her stall, with the camera at my chest.  I didn't want to stop her in work.  Another good thing about the GRD3 is its stealth-like silent operation.

Here is the kind of shot you can take while standing in a queue.  Try looking around at your feet...  there is always a chance for an interesting shot.  You don't even need to see this guy's face to know that he is a long haired 'no fear' uber-cool skate-rock dude.  He even has skate boarder's elbow!  I liked his stance and the way he leaned on the board like an extension to his arm.  As with all the shots in this market series, I have cropped to my beloved square format and then vignetted the images.

Another little point I like about the GRD is the fact that for every RAW image I take, I also create a black and white JPEG, which is the image which appears in the camera preview screen.  This gives me a great idea of how the shots will look after my homework.

More to follow, next time.


Gerry's Blog said...

Hey Bill, another set of incredible images. Well done ..... =) I like the square format it does add to the images. We are going to need to get together ... I would love for you to show me how to use the GRD.

Michael Gatton said...

Great shots Bill. Love the subjects, the framing, the details.

Bill Wellham said...

Cheers guys.

Gerry - I'm always up for another photo-walk. Have you ever wandered around Portabello Road? Or have you tried Brick Lane yet? Maybe some interesting photos can be taken around the city and the back streets there. I just need about 2 weeks notice to clear it with wifey :)