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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Greenwich Market - Part 3

Markets are great for food and Greenwich Market is no exception. If it is lunchtime, all kinds of foods are available; whether you want to sit down at a table and have something tastey to eat, or walk away with something to go. If you are looking for things to take home, then there are prepared speciality foodstuffs, cakes and preserves.

As London is one of the most multi-cultural cities, cuisine from all around the world is offered at many stalls. A large number of stalls will be preparing and cooking the dishes in full view of the hungry public. Every continent is represented...  North & South America, Africa, Europe, Asia. If you can't find something good to eat here, then where can you go?

Once again, using the Ricoh GRD3, I could get some close-up shots of stall owners preparing their speciality grub. Some people may be able to use a DSLR at these distances, but I certainly can't. If the subject knows they are about to have their photo taken, they sometimes stop what they are doing to either smile or stare.  I don't want to affect their current actions in any way.

In the first shot, with the guymaking pizza dough, I was standing directly in front of him by the stall.  The Ricoh GRD3 has a matt black body, and held in my hand against my black tee shirt, it is camouflaged and not very noticable. As the button is squeezed, the shutter silently captures another image. Click!

I can't remember exactly what kind of cuisine this lady was preparing. I am still not sure from looking at the equipment and what she is doing. That is either finely cut meat or fish, cooked over some traditional type of open grille. 

African food was very popular here. There were several stalls selling Carribean rice, vegetables and curries. I tucked into something from this stall...  a fruity rice and chicken curry...  highly recommended grub.

Oh dear...  my stealthy secret photography didn't fool Ruby Tuesday cake lady. She spotted me as i approached the stall. Of course some people don't like being photographed, or maybe they wonder why we are shooting them. I personally think that if you are going to work on a market stall in a tourist hot spot, you have to expect to be the target of a few snaps. 


Michael Gatton said...

Another nice series, Bill. I love food. I love the art of preparing and cooking food the old fashioned way, and these pics just warm the heart knowing or hoping there will always be people carrying on the traditions and a public that will always be "hungry" for it. Thanks for documenting that!

Gerry's Blog said...

Hey Bill, love your shots... these aren't typical market shots they are close up personal shots and those are the ones that I find to be really interesting. Your black and white shots as always are impeccable.

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks guys... nice comments. Appreciated.