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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Greenwich Market - Part 4

Here are the final images from my Greenwich Market shoot.  These were all taken as I wandered away from the market. I have kept them all in the same format as the others (square B&W with some PP). Not much to say about these in particular.

 Digging into something tasty. (Those paper plates are a nightmare in a crowd)

A couple of shoppers on their way in. 

This guy was definately a local. (I can tell)
I shot this directly into the sun, and salvaged the image with a white vignette

The young generation.....

and the old generation.

I have noticed something about peoples' eyes from these shots. In each image their eyes are working in completely different ways:

In image #1, both their eyes are clearly concentrating on trying to pick up food from the paper plates. When people are eating, they concentrate solely on their plate. Their eyes miss everything around them, including the photographer standing next to them.  I am not sure if 'people eating' is necessarily a pleasant image for photography. I try not to take too many of these kinds of shots.

In image #2, both girls are 'eyes wide open' and already have their 'shopping radar' fully engaged. Sometimes shoppers can be looking at shop windows with their eyes, but not notice the people walking directly towards them. Much bumping and last minute dodging ensues.

In image #3, this guy is wandering along in a world of his own. His eyes are reading. The rest of the world doesn't matter.

In image #4, these two girls are looking in different directions. Something across the street has caught the attention of the girl on the left.  As for the girl on the right...  Is she looking directly at me?  Can't tell with those shades.

In image #5, my favourite, the old lady's eyes are concentrating on just one thing....  Holding on tight and making her way home (maybe).  She looks a little frightened by all the noise and people rushing around her. Her eyes look like they have seen a lot over the years.


Michael Gatton said...

More great people shots, Bill. I see one advantage of the Ricoh, which you may have alluded to earlier, is being able to shoot from lower angles without getting down on your knees - nice to have that option.

Gerry's Blog said...

Bill another set of good shots ... something draws me to the younger generation photo not sure why though ... By far my favorite photo is the old generation one.. that is an outstanding image... I would love to spend an afternoon getting to know her, she seems so interesting. I need to head to greenwhich market.

Bill Wellham said...


Mike.. you are very right there. The camera held lower down, gives a different perspective to street shots... also people don't notice you shooting them.

Gerry.. Yep. I think another street shoot is on the cards. Lets try and get one in before xmas.

I wanted to say something about the peoples eyes in this set. So I have edited the post with an extra few lines.

Gerry's Blog said...

Yes we need to get together... Are you free on Dec 11th? I think that is a Sunday...

Roland Theys said...

Excellent photos!