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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Greenwich Market - Part 1

There are many places around London Town which are guaranteed to be chocker block full of people at the weekend...  places full of unsuspecting photography targets... interesting people, foreign tourists, fashionable young shoppers, local old timers and general members of the public going about their business.

One of those places is Greenwich, which boasts a great River Thames view and a maritime history, streets full of interesting shops, eateries and drinkeries, and best of all...  Greenwich Market. I don't think I have ever spent any money there myself as most of the stalls are selling arts and crafts, ladies accessories, world foods to go and many other frivolous objects.  Not really my scene in a shopping sense, although my wife thinks it is heaven.  It does however, provide a great place to wander with my Ricoh GRD3 at the ready.

A few months ago, I spent an hour squeezing myself amongst the busy public and the market stalls, to try and get as close to people as I could with my camera.  I deliberately wanted to show a kind of 'hands on' experience of the buying and selling going on at the various market stalls.  I wanted to show people handling the goods, making decisions, while the stall owners are creating their arts and crafts or cooking and serving their tasty food.

Although this probably falls under the umbrella of street photography, even though the market is actually inside a partially covered market square; I wanted to show people in action, whether they are buying, selling, eating or just looking.  With all these images I cropped to a 1:1 square, and processed in black and white, to try and keep a consistency throughout the series.  I have tweaked the images slightly to try and get the best I can out of each image.  There were many images which didn't make the grade, and these were deleted and forgotten.

There are sixteen altogether in the series, but I am going to show them in groups of four, with other blog posts in between them. I don't like to be too linear in my postings.

I have to finally say that I could not have got these images with a DSLR.  Although technically possible, I would not have had the nerve or confidence to aim a DSLR lens at people this closely. This is why I love the Ricoh GRD3.

Second hand paperbacks are always popular.  Nothing very rare here, but many well read 'recent decents' all going for around £1.50.  If you enjoy your reading, then avoid the new bookshops with their limited stock of current releases, and head on down to a local second hand book store. 

Choices Choices!  Which one is it going to be?

Many stalls sell art and photographic images. Some are quite individual while others are rather generic. I always enjoy ficking through these baskets and boxes of pictures. I watched several people doing the same, and I saw many pictures sold in a short while. Seems like a very good business.

 All those photographs for sale in the basket are by Roger Pan

This series is continued....   Take a look at my Greenwich Market Part 2


Gerry's Blog said...

beautiful close up images Bill.... Markets are fun to go to ... we need to plan our next outing.

Michael Gatton said...

These are nice, Bill. I like the square format, the tones as usual for your work, and that's getting pretty close to people!