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Monday, 28 November 2011

Monthly Favourite - Lilys

Last month I created a post (Geisha of Gion) showing a single image...  a personal favourite.  This is something I will try to do once a month, and here is this month's personal fave....   Lilys

I took this shot in Kyoto, Japan, a few summers ago.  There are countless ornamental gardens and ponds in Kyoto; actually so many so that after a while, one can suffer a kind of blindness to them. This particular pond was not spectacular in itself, quite plain in most aspects, although I was quite impressed with the size and structure of these lily leaves. They were big and bold, self standing above the water; whilst the pond water itself was absolutely perfectly still.

The day was so bright from the afternoon sun, (not the best time to be taking photos), that I had trouble finding a good shooting angle without dazzled out highlights and lost features. Not giving up, I wandered slowly around the edge of the pond until I found the sweet spot. Kneeling down and zooming in a little closer, I managed to position the reflected sun behind the black cast lily shadow, leaving the lily leaves brightly illuminated from above. I didn't even notice all the little pond skater insects until later.

I took several shots of this at different settings, plus one in automatic mode. It's ironic how the auto shot came out the best. (Sometimes Aunty Nikon knows best).


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Michael Gatton said...

This is incredibly cool, Bill. Love the dark shadows, the silvery surface of the still water, and the water striders really add a nice touch.