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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Ricoh GRD3

On a recent post I wrote about the Ricoh GRD along with some images taken with it.  As with all technology, camera models are updated and improved; and so it is with Ricoh.  The GRD became the GRD2.  It was improved in several areas, whilst keeping the camera body almost identical. Actually, it takes a good eye (or a Ricoh owner) to even notice the external changes.

Although the GRD2 had solved many nagging little problems with the original GRD, there have been mixed opinions about some of the improvements.  One of the major gripes with the new model was the heavy use of noise reduction in certain modes.  Many people felt that the original GRD had an amazing and almost 'film like' quality to it's output, whereas the GRD2 seemed a little 'blended' and had lost it's uniqueness.  This has actually left the original GRD as quite a cult camera, with many Ricoh owners still using it, even though they have since upgraded.

Around a year later, Ricoh launched the GRD3.  Once again, at first glance it looked exactly the same; although the body was slightly larger with a larger and higher resolution screen. The controls had changed slightly, but the overal feel of the camera was the same.  Why change the ergonomics when it is already just about perfect?  The major improvements on the GRD3 were under the bonnet. Just about everything had been improved and/or tweaked to create a superb new member of the GRD family.

So once again, I had to upgrade. While I still occasionally use the original GRD, I am now the proud owner of the amazing GRD3.  I will not leave home without it.  Even as Ricoh are about to launch the GRD4, I am still learning how to use the GRD3, and still constantly adjust and play with the custom 'user settings'.  I have a nice setting called 'street', which I have set up and prefocussed at around 2.5 meters, leaving me to adjust shutter speed with a quick thumb wheel.  This camera is truly one handed in operation, with a silent stealth like action.  I think I will get another year out of this before I upgrade to GRD4, which has some 'major' improvements, while still looking identical.

Ricoh are a wonderful company, producing some incredibly special little cameras; a company who actually listens to it's faithful and loyal customers' feedback.

So now I am finally up to date with my current cameras (Nikon D80 & Ricoh GRD3), I can finally start posting my more recent images. I will always still pick from my archives when I get the urge to re visit some older work. 

Where to start ?

Here are a couple of shots taken about five seconds apart. One converted to black and white, the other straight out of the camera. I took these while sipping a nice latte in a cafe in Windsor. All my other posts with images taken with this amazing camera can be seen by clicking here.


Gerry's Blog said...

Hey Bill, thanks to you I have asked Santa for the GRD4 ... The improvements from the GRD 3 to 4 is amazing. Im going to use that camera as my going to work camera..small but packs a punch.

Michael Gatton said...

I really like those two shots as a set - the contrast in focal point and color vs b&w really nicely done.

Bill Wellham said...

Gerry, I'm already a little jealous LOL.

Thanks Mike. I'm always trying to take shots with simple objects at hand. Experiment, try, try, play, shoot... hope.