Using a Ricoh GRD III and a Nikon DSLR to photograph streets, people, architecture and anything else that catches my eye.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Brick Lane - Part 2

Here are some more shots from the Brick Lane area.  There is quite alot of stuff to photograph there, including people, market stalls and art.  These were all taken with Ricoh GRD3, and are all slightly different in subject matter, processing and crop style.

This is an interesting market stall...  It seems to sell the perrenially useful combination of gas-masks and casual footwear. If you need a gas mask for any occasion, then why not pick up a nice pair of shoes at the same time.    Ohhh..  and if you look carefully, you'll notice the telly tubby hiding under a black rubber mask.  Nice touch.  

I recently watched a slightly cheesey but heart warming movie called 'Knights of the South Bronx' (2005), starring Ted Danson, about a tough New York school teacher who raises the hopes and chances of his class of under-privileged kids...  by teaching them chess!  Anyway, in the movie I saw lots of open air chess tournaments and chess cafes in New York. I wasn't sure if this kind of thing really happened in todays modern world, until I saw a chess cafe in Brick Lane, London.  (then there is hope for humanity afterall).  Just look at the guys concentration.

Its a tough job working in a busy curry house. This kitchen worker stepped outside from the back of the restaurant for a crafty cigarette. He seemed totally hacked off with life.

Brick lane is also a center of 'street art'.  Yes, there is graffiti everywhere. Some of it is very good indeed; some is just awful.  But apart from graffiti, there are lots of incredibly well crafted wall murals. This artwork does not last forever; often posted over by advertising, more grafitti or more artwork. It seems to be a constantly changing scene.  Here is a wall portrait of Jimi, high up on a wall, looking down on us.

This artwork seems to comprise very clever stipple brushwork. Spotted on and left to drip and run. Simple and effective.  You can see that graffiti has already encroached onto it.  Since I took this shot, it has degraded quite a bit. After doing a little research, I discovered that this was painted by James Cochran



Michael Gatton said...

Another really nice series, Bill.

Adam Allegro said...

Fantastic, compelling photos. Each one tells a different, beautiful story! Well done!

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks Mike.. as always. (Happy Christmas btw.)

Adam, thanks for the comments, always nice to have a new follower. I am checking your blog now too... great first impressions!