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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Monthly Favourite - Wasabi

Time for another personal favourite image...   a little gem dug out from my creaking archive of average shots.

The City of London is the financial area of London, which is incredibly busy during the weekdays; but a completely different scene at the weekends. On a Sunday it is a strangely quiet place. During the week there are hundreds of sandwich bars, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, fast food outlets to serve the wealthy banking and office staff at lunch times.  On a Sunday, most of these are shut.

So a few months ago, whilst on a leisurely stroll through the city on a Sunday, I wandered past this Sushi bar, Wasabi Bento. Something about the interior decor interested me, so I took a few shots through the window, with my lens up against the glass.

What do I like about this shot?  I just love the gorgeous lush transparent green of the bar stools. I was really pleased with my depth of field choice. The chrome of the tables and chair legs create a soft and slightly complicated background.  Finally, the softness of the restaurant name on the wall adds to the scene.

I also liked this shot because it worked out well, considering I was outside looking in through the glass. A little lucky maybe.

I really like bars and restaurants as a subject for photography.  Most of the time, I think they look best when full of customers, drinking and eating; or staff cooking and serving.  But on this particular occasion, the closed shop scenario works well as it focuses on the interior design aspect of the restaurant.

Finally, I would just like to reccommend this particular chain of sushi bars. I have been to quite a few over the years.  If you are not sure about sushi, then just give it a try some time.  They do wonderful little 'bento boxes', which are basically beautifully presented and packaged takeaway boxes of sushi and other small Japanese dishes.  I am biased though of course, being married to a Japanese girl!


Michael Gatton said...

Nice Bill. I like the almost liquid quality of the chairs and the glow of the restaurant name.

Bill Wellham said...

Cheers Mike. Lookin forward to more thoughtful detailed photography from you next year.