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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Brick Lane - part 4

Continuing my series of photographs taken this weekend, with my fellow bloggers Gerry and CC, here are some images from later in the afternoon. After slightly disappointing images taken in the morning at Greenwich Market, I had better luck in the afternoon.  These are all taken around Brick Lane, which is great for street photography.  Photography in Brick Lane is like fishing with dynamite...   you are surrounded by very interesting people and places.

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Second hand cameras at Brick Lane



CC said...

Great day out and you definitely got the most good images for the day!! You've sold me on the Ricoh GRD. Next time you see me I might have mine and be in need of tutoring :)

Michael Gatton said...

Nice series, Bill, particularly the last - nice framing and the perspective on the couple eating at the curb (and the fact they are sitting on the curb to eat in the first place) makes an interesting scene.

Michael Gatton said...

"...particularly the last TWO..." :-)

Gerry's Blog said...

I had a wonderful time Bill, thanks to you it was a great shooting day. Hopefully I will have the Ricoh next time we meet as well, you have sold me on how great of a little camera it is. Your images are wonderful

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks CC & Gerry... I enjoyed the whole day.

Mike... The last two I my favourites actually. My afternoon photos are always the better ones. The last shot came out so crisp. I took that shot from about four feet away.

ismall said...

Love the last two. I'm just getting in to street pgotography and bought a GRD1 that was going cheap on Amazon just after Christmas. I love it and use it almost daily, just got a GRD 3 as I'd like shutter priority and have yet to test it. It is wierd getting used to but my images are getting much better and I'm enjoying seeing the progression on my blog.

I'm gong to Brick Lane to take some pics soon.

Anonymous said...

These are very nice!

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks Dennis, as always.

Thankyou Ismall... Great to discover another happy GRD user! (Nice blog btw)

Anonymous said...

These are great. I like the black and white treatment - it is almost film quality. Is that the camera or in processing?

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks... The Ricoh GRD3 does have a slight film-like quality at certain settings, but it's mostly my processing. I do tend to spend a while processing, it's part of my fun.