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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Monthly Favourite - Westminster Underground Station

Time for another of my monthly favourites.  Escalator on the Jubilee line.

There is not too much to say about this image.  A few years ago, while travelling on the London Underground, I was so impressed with the grand scale industrial architecture of the jubilee line stations, that I took this shot while going down on the escalator.

I don't think I really prepared the camera for the shot...  just fired away at the far wall of the station. As it was not a very high shutter speed, there is an obvious blurred movement of people in the opposite direction, and the static hanging chains are also blurred from my own downward movement.  I think these add to the image, other than having a perfectly focussed image, which may have seemed quite flat.

I like the rough industrial texture of the concrete structures, complimented by the smoothness of the stainless steel escalators.  There was an evident pinkish light from various overhead lighting, which I have raised slightly in photoshop, which I think improves the drabness of grey concrete.

Those huge horizontal tubes are essential to the stuctural integrity of the building. I think the choice of huge cylindrical cladded tubes was well thought out. They compliment the overall design of the station.

There are countless images out there (on flickr etc), of people on London underground escalators.  I just think that the escalators and the surrounding space need to be awesome enough in themselves to be worth a photograph.  It's all about architecture and people, and how they fit together.


CC said...

Really nice pic, Bill. Love the composition and the lines in this image. I agree with you on the blurred movement adds to the image as does the gritty look of the concrete. This is a strong image.

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks Cheryl.

'strong' image - I like that, thanks. :)

Michael Gatton said...

Beautiful, Bill. Very dynamic and almost surreal, like from the set of a sci-fi film.

Bill Wellham said...

Cheers Mike. Very much like a sci-fi movie scenario - I know what you mean.

Gerry's Blog said...

That is beautiful Bill... you are a master at photographing structure as well as people... good job.

Anonymous said...

Great image. I love the brutal look of Westminster Tube station. It does feel like it's from another era or belongs in George Orwell's '1984'.