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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Japanese Matsuri Festival - London 2011 - Part 2

Following on with my last post from the Japanese Matsuri Japanese Festival on the London Southbank, here are the next bunch of shots I would like to show.  The first four are all food stalls, selling various tasty savoury snacks in the Japanese style. The one thing that photos can't always convey is the noises and sounds of a thriving market. People often assume Japanese people are very quiet and reserved (which they definitely are in many situations), but when it comes to a market style scenario, especially involving food; they can shout their wares with the best of them.  These guys below would all be yelling out to the crowds...  tempting them into trying and buying the goods.  As this was a 'festival' as opposed to the real thing, these guys were giving it everything, and enjoying themselves while enthusing the slightly unsure British into tasting octopus, sushi, tempura, and some other distinctively Japanese foods.

Now eveyone must like tempura, surely.

This is 'takoyaki'...   fried octopus in batter.   
Actually my favourite Japanese street fast food.

and that'll be beer then...   

Looks like various fried foods and rice, boxed and ready.

Back to the traditional arts. Calligraphy, fabrics, paper etc

Members of a troop of traditional performers, in full kimono dress.
Taking a break between their music and dance displays on stage.

Some of the traditional music and dance which was performed on the main stage was quite breathtaking.  It ranged from the beautiful and colourful movements of traditional Japanese dance, to the rumble and roaring rhythm of the taiko drums.  These acts certainly drew in the crowds. I think you could probably hear the taiko drumming from a mile away!

Check out part 1 & part 3 for more Japanese festival images.


ismall said...

Love these pics. I've never heard of this festival, does it happen every year?

Japan is on my list of 'must go before I die' places esp Tokoyo

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks Iesha. This Japanese festival is on every year now. Usually first week in Spetember. Worth a visit next time.

Michael Gatton said...

More great pics, looks like a lot of fun. And you put me in such a Japanese state of mind that without thinking about it I found myself watching "Sukiyaki Western Django" last night - very interesting...

Bill Wellham said...

I still haven't seen that movie, although I have seen quite a few by Takashi Miike, who is a very talented and quite mad director!

Im glad I have an effect on people with my photos. In the same way that when I walk around now, I am looking at all the little details of my surroundings (thanks to your blog)