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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Japanese Matsuri Festival - London 2011 - Part 3

These are the final batch of images from the Japanese summer festival. Not much to say here; just that I had a great day with my friendly bloggers CC and Gerry

I normally don't take posed pictures, but this old lady was so nice, and was delighted to be photographed.  I even thanked her in the appropriate polite Japanese, to which she was genuinely amazed (or maybe not).

A Harajuku style Japanese girl with blonde hair and English boyfriend, heading for the anime area.

Many Japanese visitors came dressed in traditional garb.

The following two images were my favourite of the day.  They are more in line with pure street photography, being totally unposed and containing some character and feeling. This is also why I love the Ricoh GRD3.

Check out  part 1 & part 2 for more Japanese festival images.


Gerry's Blog said...

You got a lot of great images at this festival Bill, great work with the camera and thanks to you, I also bought the GRD IV but unlike CC Im still waiting for mine. You have inspired me to shoot differently and have shown me how fun that little camera is. Thanks for showing me all your wonderful images

Michael Gatton said...

The difference in emotional impact of the b&w vs the color is striking. The b&w appear ominous, dark, foreboding, alienating. The color just the opposite. Of course the different expressions on the subjects' faces contributes to that feeling.

s.c said...

I agree with Michael. When I see B & W think it must be old. Of course that is not the case but it shape automatically my look on it.

calvininjax said...

I have to agree that my favourites are the B&W shots taken with the GRD III. Good captures.