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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

City of London - Part 1

I often visit the City of London as part of my work.  It is a great city and an amazing place to photograph.  London has a broad spectrum of architecture, mixing new contemporary with classical styles. The roads are not mapped out on strict geometrical patterns like Paris and others; nor in a grid block system like New York and many modern cities. It is a maze of major roads and alley ways, grand avenues and city streets; all seemingly random in their layout.  This is due to the two millenia of gradual expansion from Roman times to modern day. Every turn of a corner can lead to a whole different feel and style.  A city full of secrets and small wonders.

The City of London is historically the oldest part, and is also the finacial centre of the capital. The London stock exchange, together with New York's and Tokyo's, form the three points of the world's finances. Interestingly enough, even though the world has been on it's knees lately, partly due to the greed of a few rich investment bankers, it seems that nothing has changed in The City.  New buildings are being built, Bentleys are being driven, over priced sushi is being eaten, wine is being quaffed, bespoke suits are still being worn everywhere and the gentlemen's clubs are still fully reserved.  So while the rest of us try to work out if we can afford a holiday next summer, life carries on regardless in the city. 

That all said...  I still love to wander the around with my Ricoh and snap the people at work, rest and play.  As you will see, none of these people are Bentley owners, and probably haven't received a million pound bonus this year.  But they probably all work, eat, drink and socialize in the City of London.  People like me!

Quick hat adjustments

sitting and watching the world go by

revolving lunch doors

keep up!
they came straight out of the sun at one o'clock


Gerry's Blog said...

awesome shots Bill, you have a great eye and you know how use that Ricoh. Your images are beautiful and so every day London which makes them even more special because its not the eye or westminster is the true London, the city Im falling in love with.

s.c said...

Nice shots . Gives a good insight how people behave and looks on the street. A real street photographers reportage.

calvininjax said...

What I would give to be based in London, where the opportunities for street photography are boundless, as this excellent series shows.

Downtown Jacksonville is an urban desert. You have probably noticed the marked absence of people in my shots. Now you know why.

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