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Monday, 13 February 2012

Monthly Favourite - Sunset on the River Colne

This month's favourite was taken about four years ago, whilst cycling along the River Colne near Wivenhoe. This was something I used to much more regularly than I do now, and I know I need to get back onto my bike again soon.  I had my Nikon D80 with 18-70 lens in my back pack, with the idea of getting a few riverside and landscape images along the way.  It really is a lovely quiet river, which gradually expands into an estuary as you cycle along it.

I stopped to look back at the sunset which was starting to take shape behind me as I cycled.  I don't normally take pictures of sunsets,  but I was so impressed with the colours and structure of the clouds which were complicated and fragmented, mixed with aircraft vapour trails hanging in the sky.

The strange looking steel structure is actually a rather old reminder of the industrial revolution. It is part of a cable car conveyor system, which carried gravel stone or sand from a quarry, about about 500 metres inland from the river bank, down to a wooden jetty, where it was loaded onto river barges for transporting to locations up or down river.  It is incredible that these rusty old structures are still standing as a testament to the 19th century. Even the timber jetty still stands, although somewhat dilapidated.

I just thought that the old tower and jetty complimeted the wonderful sky...   a touch of 'man versus nature'.


Michael Gatton said...

Beautiful shot, rather stunning colors, really, and exposure - almost looks hdr at first. Looks like dramatic tidal changes, or was there a drought going on?

s.c said...

Wow and I like it. A good one and no HDR . The cabel tower looks like a work of art. Great one.

s.c said...

Forgot to mention how glad I am that you have solved the comment problem because I think you work deserve a lot of comments.

CC said...

Great shot, Bill. Love how the exposure really makes for a dramatic sky and the composition with the tower and boat work great. Thanks for sharing!

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks guys. It does have that HDR feel to it, although I have never tried an HDR yet. I can always squeeze a little more out of a shot from photoshop... but nothing is added or taken away.

Mike... it's a tidal river, so when tide is out, we have mud banks, and when tide is in, we have a big wide stretch of water.

S.C... Thanks for kind comments. I love the look of the cable tower, and I hope it lasts many more decades too.

CC... The sky just deserved to be photographed, and it's always nice to have something interesting to frame it with (boats and tower).

calvininjax said...

Splendid capture, Bill. Your approach seems similar to mine in that you use Photoshop to squeeze the maximum out of your RAW files.

A great composition and a fabulous sky. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

I'm coming to this very late. It is beautiful