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Thursday, 1 March 2012

City of London - Part 2

Following on from my last post, here are a few more shots I took on the same day. 

I took this shot through the glazed entrance of some posh company lobby.  Security doesn't like this sort of thing really...  but never mind. I quite liked the soft grainy feel of the image as it seems to suggest a certain quietude.  I often think that the front of desk job in these kind of up market company head offices must be such an easy number. Unlike a busy hotel lobby, these always seem so quiet and serene. Just doesn't look that busy to me.  (I hope I haven't upset any receptionists now).

This one is almost the same as another on the previous post. Shooting into the sun is great fun but really quite difficult to get it right.  The camera of course will try its best to correctly expose the image, depending on the set up; but even then I often have to take a few test shots in manual until one looks about right.  It is impossible to tell from the LCD screen or even the histogram if a successful shot is taken. You can't tell until you load them up on the laptop at home.  (Of course, there are many good photogtaphers out there who DO know exactly how to take these shots, without depending on luck)

Sometimes I like to take shots while standing still on some steps with the camera poised, letting the subjects walk through the view.  I don't mind if heads and feet are cut off, as long as the image is dead straight with architecture in the background forming part of the image.

Or sometimes I stand at the top of steps or escalators and shoot people as they come up into view.  This isn't a great image, but it explains what I mean.  It surprises me how trance-like people become when commuting in the city; walking and travelling around with i-pod headphones in, or twiddling on smart phones, in a zombie like state. This lady gave me the impression that she was sleep walking.

Here is an shot of someone in a good mood, full of life, and enjoying the sunshine. I even managed to capture some of those sunbeams bouncing off the glass in top left corner.

Here are two shots I took within minutes of each other at the same location outside Liverpool Street Station.  Big guy on the phone.   Lady reading a paperback.  Both these images benefit from great natural lighting together with nice architectural texture. Of course, the subjects are both interesting looking people.

I shall post some more City of London images again soon.  I always have my camera ready when I am in this amazing area.     Architecture and People....   Architecture and People.


ismall said...

Was just about to ask if it was near Liverpool Street then got to the end! It's great taking pics around that area. I really, really like the stair shots where you are taking it through the glass- I'm also a fan of pictures when people are lost deep in concentration.

There is also something uplifting about the shot with the guy shining. Did you do anything in Photoshop or Lightroom? They have a really nice quality to them.

Bill Wellham said...

Thankyou... Actually, I do use Photoshop and/or Lightroom. For black and white processing I usually use Silver Efex Pro 2 software, which plugs into LR or PS. That is the magic part - Silver Efex!

Sometimes I meet up with Gerry and CC in London (both on my blog list). They are both now Ricoh convertees! You should come up and meet us sometime for a stroll and shoot.

Gerry's Blog said...

Awesome images Bill the step images are my favorite but they all look great. I also like the lobby image nice use of dead space. Have a great weekend and Im looking forward to us getting together soon, and with the GRDs.

CC said...

Bill - great set of images. I also am drawn to the stair shots. They are especially eye catching being paired together. love the shadows cast in the one on the right.
Looking forward to seeing you next week for a GRD shoot!

ismall said...

Oooh. I'm often around London so would love a meet up.

I'm actually thinking of offering a challenge... as you know I do love my Ricohs but I'm currently a bit obsessed with vintage cameras too (just love the styling). Just bought a range finder on impluse this morning on eBay and saying to M that I might issue my fellow bloggers with a £20 camera challenge.

Pick up a camera for £20 ish on eBay then take street shots and post the results within an agreed time period. What do you say?

The one I picked has a link below never heard of it but liked the sound of the 1.8 (!)lens.

Yashica Electro also looks worth a look. Ricoh is #1 but this could be fun for a diversion

Bill Wellham said...

I have been thinking on and off about getting an old rangefinder. I am interested, and will have a look. I need to do a little research first; but eventually I shall take you up on your challenge. (although you'll probably be expert by then lol)

ismall said...

Cool, just found out mine has been dispatched today. There is an old Ricoh that looks interesting too (500) I think but it's usually out of the price range.

Check out this link it's got useful info and could be a good place to start

There is a pg where he reviews lots of old rangefinders that he owns ...