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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Japanese Gardens & Temples - part 1

I haven't posted any of my old pictures from Japan for a while. In this post I thought I would show some of the more peaceful images of Japan. Many of my previous Japanese pictures have been of city centres, noisy streets, crowded shops and generally the chaotic and modern side of Japan.

These were all taken over three years ago as I have not been back there for a while. The cameras used would have been my old Olympus C-8080 WZSony Cybershot W1 or my Nikon D80 .  Many of my earlier archived images from this period now seem terrible to me; full of over-exposure, blur and general bad composition.  Most of them are purely 'holiday snaps'.  I have taken the better images and pushed them through photoshop to add a little renewed vigour to them. I have cropped them slightly, added a little contrast and vibrance in some of them. Hopefully the resuls are a little better than the originals.

So here are a few images of the gardens of Japan.  They are very much different to the typical English and European formal gardens of grand stately homes. Japanese gardens tend to imitate the natural world, minature worlds of beauty and simplicity. There is a total absense of symetry. The gardens often surround a temple building, which are often simple wooden structures with their own elegant beauty. Stone or wooden shrines will be located at various points around the garden. The ornate bridges and ponds all create a place for meditation...  places to find inner peace and sanctum. Although most of these places are now havens for Japanese tourists, they are immaculately maintained and preserved, and still provide the beauty, if not the possibility of meditation.

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