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Monday, 26 March 2012

Japanese Gardens & Temples - Part 2

Following on from a recent post  Japanese Gardens & Temples - Part 1 , here are another five images taken from various Japanese temples and other buildings around Kyoto area. These all show a similar building style, which probably originates from Chinese architecture, although far less ostentatiously adorned. The roofs all share a familiar form with those up-turned corner hips and eaves. They were all built from timber, to withstand Japan's constant shaking ground; and have often been burnt to the ground from either nature or otherwise, and then been completely re-built throughout their centuries. Simplicity is generally the theme of traditional Japanese architecture, providing places for bhuddist monks to reside, work and meditate; or in some cases, wealthy aristrocracy to enjoy their riches and pleasures.

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Gerry's Blog said...

These are stunning images Bill, you picked great angles for each and managed to get the best vantage points. Well done!!