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Friday, 16 March 2012

Local Photography - part 1

I often find myself jumping on a train to London for a day of shooting, or even driving further a field to other towns and cities, with the general assumption that the streets are far more exciting elsewhere and the people are all incredibly interesting away from home. This is of course not necessarily true. It is just the general over familiarity of one's own neighbourhood which tends to lessen the thrill of street photography. Same old faces... same old streets... even the same sounds and smells. In this post though, I want to post a few images of some characters I have captured over the last year while strolling around Colchester at the weekends.

Some of these images are not great, due to the quickness of the shot. Strangely, I feel more inhibited (more shy) in my own town with a camera than I do in the centre of London. This maybe due to the 'normalization' of people with cameras in London; there being tourists and photography enthusiasts hanging around every place of interest.

These are all taken with the Ricoh GRD3.

I took this at a festival in my local park last summer, although I see this guy on a regular basis cycling his 'unicycle' around town on all the busy roads - Utter madness! (I always thought unicycles had a small wheel, but this looks like a mountain bike wheel with adapted pedals and a seat).  There is also a girl dressed like a ladybug in the background, although I have no idea why.

Taken at the same festival, I spotted this chap posing with his walking stick. I say 'posing' due to the fact that his jacket was bright pink...  although it will remain a shade of grey in my blog.

Usually seen after dark, and usually in pairs or small groups. Quite a rare image taken of the traditional English goth....   apparently alive and well, proudly sporting his latest summer attire. He shouldn't be out in the sun for too long in case he begins to get a tan.  Long live the goths!

I messed this shot up really... cutting off the top of his head, and not getting all of his shadow in the frame! This is one of those shots I wish I could retake.  This old guy had the cleanest and shiniest coat I have seen in a long time.

I took this in a local shopping centre. I think you can read quite a lot from this couple's expressions. I think he may have said something like - "It was a joke.... honestly, darling".

 Lady in a fake fur coat walks passed a fake fur hat stall.  Thats all!

I took this walking  up my own street one foggy morning. I liked the white-out of the fog in the background, and I liked the golden colour of her leopard style coat and blonde pony tail.  The added 'Love Bistro' sign board added a little more substance to the image.

I really do not approve of tasteless manipulation of images using photoshop etc. Typically I can't stand black and white images with selective colour processes. I think it is known as 'Colour Popping' .  In my opinion, it ruins a good black and white image; and something serious photographers have absolutely no interest in.   Anyway....  here's my attempt! 

I really have no idea who this is!   Is that a Ricoh GRD3? 


ismall said...

Love this post, it could easily be titled something like "This is England" really captures the random eccentricity that you see outside of major towns and cities in the UK.

Like you, I used to think that I could only take shots in London but now I'm starting to see interesting things everywhere- it's just a matter of being receptive.

Why didn't you still keep the pic jacket guy in B and W? Presumably the jacket was what attracted you? It still works as an image though.

I sent the Minolta back BTW (too heavy) and bought a vintage Ricoh 500ME for the £20 challenge. Needs a bit of tidying up first though...

Bill Wellham said...

Thankyou ismall...

There was no particular reason for turning the pink jacket grey, other than that I batch processed everything that day to B&W then lost all the original RAWs! :(

Good luck with fixing your leaky light seals. Don't pay anyone a fortune to do it though. :)

Bill Wellham said...

lol - well it's bound to leak light at £20. :)

Emma Dobson said...

Hi Bill,
I was just researching UK street photographers for a university brief when I came across your page was just wondering if I could use your blog link as a reference?
Thanks Emma :)

Bill Wellham said...

Emma, I'd be more than happy for you to link my blog for your brief. Just out of interest, which Uni are you at?

Bill Wellham said...

Emma... You'd be best to use the link from my 'street photography' label, near top right. This would filter out my other styles of photography.