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Friday, 23 March 2012

London streets

Many of my previous posts have contained quite a few photos per post, together with my usual rambling writings. This is mainly because I have been generally catching up with my current photography by posting lots of images which I have taken in the past.  More recently though, I am posting images from much more recent times.  I am nearly up to the present day!

Many bloggers manage to post an image a day. I don't think I will ever be able to manage that as I usually take a whole bunch of photographs on one day, then maybe not use my camera for a few days. So possibly my posts will be slimmer in content in the future, or split over several posts.  I shall try my best to keep the blogging going what ever happens.  (I have become strangely addicted to this posting and writing process)

Here is a quick post of three images which I took quite recently. I took a wander around some west London streets during a lunch break, with my GRD3 in my hand.  It was very cold and sunny.

This first image was a 'walk-by shooting' of a woman as we passed each other.  As she was approaching, I could see the intense look on her face; she looked determined and strong, but possibly late for her train, as she marched along at speed.  She was concentrating enough to not see my camera at about two meters distance.  I get a sort of buzz from capturing people at such close range.

I have noticed that when people are linked into their personal equipment (i-phones etc) that they are totally clueless to the world around them. There has actually been a massive recent rise in the number of road deaths from i-phone zombies. It is so easy to take a photograph of a person while they are wired in to their personal equipment and their thumb is rapidly sliding over the screen.  That said, I still think it is important to capture a person with a good background. This guy is stood up against the silver doors, using his i-phone, smoking a cigarette.  To the left of him is a wall mounted ash tray.  To the right of him is a no smoking sign.

This last shot is my favourite of that day.  I thought I would capture her with a 'walk-by shooting' without being noticed. I didn't even look at her as I walked by.  When I got home and checked the image on my computer, I could see how she was staring straight at me with her awesome mirror shades, a coffee and cigarette on the go.  When I zoomed into those mirrors, I could just see myself stepping briskly by.


ismall said...

Really like the smoking guy. The background works well and the irony with what he is doing and the sign is fun. I've ordered a few rolls of film to use with my Olympus Trip and am investigating how to change the light seals of the Ricoh 500...

Gerry's Blog said...

Bill another set of good street shots, I love the last one, the intense look on her face and how aware she is of you as appose to the older person sitting next to her, that has no idea what is going on. Nicely done!