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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Monthly Favourite - Osaka Amerikamura

I don't really have any special reasons for liking this image...   maybe it reminds me of a place and a time in my memory; possibly it is the slightly shabby concrete architecture; the flat-iron shape of the building. Obviously I have processed the image with some added grain and vignette, to add a little roughness to the feel of the composition.

It's in a part of Osaka called Amerikamura; a kind of 'Camden Market' for the Japanese youth to hang out or spend their money on fashion and music. Hundreds of tiny shops, boutiques and record markets all rammed with Japanese rockabilly-heavy metal-hippy-punk-rasta-techno-goth-R&B lovers. If a music genre exists, Japanese kids will follow it; and invent some strange ones of their own.

Can you see the mini statue of liberty on the roof in the back ground?  Another Japanese nod to American culture.

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