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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

More London - More Architecture

This post is a mixture of some older Nikon D80 images together with some more recent Ricoh GRD images of More London.

'More London' is the office development directly next door to London City Hall, on the South Bank near Tower Bridge. It is a cluster of contemporary mixed use buildings, with public spaces and river-frontage. The most famous iconic building here is the new City Hall, with it's curved glass and impossible spaceship shape. Most of these buildings are purely company offices, but there are several other uses including a theatre and various shops & cafes etc.  There is also 'the scoop', which is an eliptical shaped open air stage, used for various free art performences, or just sitting in or skateboarding around.

I always seem to end up in this area at the start of a day's photography. It is always smothered with tourists, but feels very free and easy unlike London's notoriously busy west-end. Of course, everybody is taking pictures of the City Hall, and Tower Bridge; and there are also some incredible images of various parts of More London on Flickr. It is a HDR enthusiast's dream, although I have to say that I am no HDR fan.

I took these first group of images several years ago when I first got my D80, and also when the development was still quite new.  Architecturally, these buildings are show pieces for modern materials and styles. I particularly like the bronzed aluminum cladding and the coloured glass of the middle two images. That building looks warm to me, as opposed to some of the pure glass buildings.  The third image approximately marks the point when I started to allow people into my photography, realizing that the public can actually compliment the architecture.

The next set of images were taken quite recently using my Ricoh GRD3. I have certainly allowed a scattering of public to wander through my viewfinder. I have processed these through photoshop, trying out some slightly bleached out palletes, while creating black & whites from the others.


Gerry's Blog said...

Hey Bill, I love the images and your processing in PS..I love people being in my photos and I like them in yours as well, you have managed to make compelling images of buildings that are works of art. I love the first colored image of your GRD Picks. Nice work....

s.c said...

I totally agree with Gerry. Stunning architectural pictures and leaving people in it means you have the human scale introduced. Thats lacking on a lot of architectural shots I can assure you as someone who has to judge this kind of photo's a long time ago for our own publications.

ismall said...

I love the More London development- some nice shots

Bill Wellham said...

Thankyou fellow bloggers.

Its a good place to start a photo-meet sometime. You can head east towards Tooley Street, North towards the City, or West along Southbank. Lots of interesting people and places along the way.