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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Reflections in Architecture

On a recent post ( Architecture - Reflections ) I showed some images of architecture reflected in water. I wanted to show how a building can be seen in a different light; and actually, anything reflected in water can look amazing.

In this post, I want to show how the building itself can be a great reflective medium.  Many modern buildings are covered in glass; so as we walk around the city, we are surrounded by mirrors of all shapes and sizes.

This first image was taken in Osaka. The modern buildings there are much like other cities, employing a whole lot of glass cladding. This tall, and somewhat bland office building, acts as a perfect mirror to reflect the image of the more interesting cylindrical tower.  I liked how the vertical lines all converge with perspective, whilst the horizontal lines are all basically horizontal.  Actually, I tweaked around in photoshop using the stretch and skew commands, to straighten those horizontals. The final geometry is probably impossible to capture in reality; but in my opinion, it is an improvement on reality.

This image was taken somewhere in London, although I cannot remember where. Pointing the camera upwards at an angle, from the bottom of a narrow passage between the two parts of the black glass buildings, creating a symmetry with a mirror line which is quite hard to spot.  This is quite a high tech abstract in some ways.

Sitting in airports can be a horrendous experience. An interest in photography helps, as long as you don't attract too much attention from airport security, who seem to believe that anyone with a camera is a possible threat to the nation. Modern airports are incredible examples of serious large scale engineering.  I photographed these white tubular steelwork supports reflected in a wall of mirrored glass.

These are two images from the same building near St. Pauls and the Thames embankment. Each building reflects the similar building opposite, with plenty of sky and cloud.  Once again, I spent a while straightening the vertical lines until they were parallel.  The first image is colour as taken by the camera; while the second is converted to black and white.

Taken near the Tower of London, this modern glass cladding is reflecting some much older architecture. One of the things I like about London is the rich mix of styles, all sitting happily next to each other.


s.c said...

Beautiful shots and reflections Bill. Number one is in my eyes the most successful but the b&w's are also great.

Gerry's Blog said...

Hey Bill, nice shots and I like how you frame your images, like the angles and the creative way of showing reflections. I try catch reflections as often as I can... but you by far are the master of that. You have a good eye for the not so obvious ... way to go...

Bill Wellham said...

Thankyour guys. Number 1 is actually my favourite too.

This month I have been a little innactive. I've been quite ill recently with bronchitis... 2 weeks off work, even though I am supposed to be very busy. I have been trying to work at home, but it's been tough. I am over the worst now, and am starting to get it all back together.