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Monday, 9 April 2012

Battlesbridge Market

Back in September last year, I posted some images from Battlesbridge market.  The images from that post were all taken with my Nikon D80.  I have since returned with Nikon and also my Ricoh GRD3 to get some more shots of the old bric-a-brac and antiques that can be found there. I often have two cameras in my bag.

Although Battlesbridge sells mostly antiques and bric-a-brac, there is also quite a lot of garden equipment for sale. A lot of it is unique and interesting; but there is also the usual tacky nonsense which seems to sell well to the garden lovers of Essex. 

Having owned several classic cars from the 50's 60's and 70's, I just love motor memorabilia. Old reminders from a slower time. These old pumps are actually for sale...  I just can't imagine anyone buying them.

This fossil like formation is actually much larger than it seems. Standing on a box and leaning over, pointing my camera downwards, was the only way to capture this 2 meter wide concrete garden sculpture.

This rusty face of the Buddha was a close up on a life size cast iron statue. Once again, on sale for someone with somewhat eclectic taste and a very large garden. I just like the texture and colour of rust.

Here is yet another statue which may yet be erected in someone's garden. I took a shot of her because I appreciated her modesty!

I wasn't sure what kind of statue this was, and who would buy this one.  Maybe it's one of those cherub type things...   I just liked the tatty old face. Definately not a work of art. 

This was a close up of a copper and enamelled leaf sculpture. The white enamel flows nicely into the cast grooves of the leaf, resulting in a wonderful texture and pattern.

A corner full of sellable junk. New and old.

The rest of these were taken with the Nikon D80.  I was less than satisfied with the results from the Nikon, so I ended up messing about in photoshop, having fun with sepia and ageing on a couple of them.

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