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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Monthly Favourite - Cambridge Punting

This is the slot where I can post photos which I have taken, which don't particularly fit into any particular theme. This month's image was taken while spending an hour or so on the Cambridge city waterways. I enjoy visiting Cambridge for many reasons (apart from shopping trips with my wife); it is a lovely city to just wander around and soak up the learned heritage, enjoy some food and wine, and maybe take a riverboat trip.

Punting on the river is incredibly popular during the summer months, with many boat hire jettys at various locations along the river.  You can either opt for the guided tour; sit back and relax while a chatty guide will do all the work whilst telling you all about history and buildings of Cambridge.  Or you can have a go at punting your own 'punt' (boat), or row your self along, and forget all about the historical Cambridge and all of it's wonders, and just relax for a while.  I have tried both methods and both have their merits.

I took this photo of some people having fun messing about on the water.  It was fun watching them struggling slightly to get the boat through the bridge. Much giggling a frivolity ensued, whilst the tall girl with the pole kept bumping her head on the underside of the bridge.  It was a wonderfully hot day, and I couldn't have imagined being anywhere else at the time.  One of those perfect days.

I picked this photo becauseI like the way the sunlight back-lights the subject, with greens and golds of willow and stone.  I think the bridge makes a great frame to the subject, and I just like the mix of water, stone, willow and sunlight.  But most of all, it just reminds me of that all too short period of the English year - Summer.


ismall said...
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ismall said...

Oh. It'll be in London probably soho area

Anonymous said...

I love this image especially, the reflected light upon the stone and the greens of the willow.
I am just starting out as a watercolour artist after having to leave the military through injury. I wondered if I could have your permission to try and capture this photograph in a painting.
Many thanks

Bill Wellham said...

Peter, Of course you can do a water colour from this photo. I am pleased if my photo has given you a little inspiration. I would love to see how it comes out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill, I will get in touch when I have attempted the picture and hopefully it will do justice to your photo. It will hopefully be in the New Year sometime.

Thanks again


Anonymous said...

I have completed a painting and I am happy to send a copy to you.
A couple of things, where can I send it? and I only have a basic scanner and digital camera, have you any advice on how to best capture a painting by these means?