Using a Ricoh GRD III and a Nikon DSLR to photograph streets, people, architecture and anything else that catches my eye.

Monday, 9 April 2012

London - Shooting at Night - part 2

Here are some more shots taken with my Ricoh GRD3 at night time around City of London.  If you want to take great pictures at night then you really should use a tripod.  But a tripod if no fun, and completely useless for taking pictures in the street.  Apart from being a nuisance on the street, you don't exactly capture 'moments'.  I only ever use a tripod if I am taking architectural images and when I don't mind carrying it around with me for hours. Instead of a tripod, I sometimes use a lamp post to hold my camera against; or in the case of the following image, I rested it on top of the yellow button box of the traffic light post.  Is this cheating? I don't know. I was using ISO 800 and f1.9, and had to settle with a shutter speed of 1/60.  It is not easy shooting at night.

People crossing the street can be a very easy target for photography, it's a non stop supply of moving subjects marching towards you every three minutes.

I liked this shot solely because of the questionable expression behind those glasses.

A nice attractive background with strong back light can provide nice images, if you hang around long enough.  Although hanging around in one place with a camera can seem slightly suspicious to security, CCTV, shop owners and everyone else.  It's best to keep moving.


s.c said...

Great shots Bill. I am thinking about the fact that the most street photographers shows there pictures in B&W
Is it an automatic reaction to let the photo's look at the old ones from HCB or Walker Evans to give them the same effect . They had no tools for color pictures but we have. I am glad that you let some in color. Like it

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks SC. I do like the look of B&W photography, and I admit that I may be easily influenced by other photographers. But I always try to do colour, especially when the colours are important.

I like a mixture of styles.

ismall said...

Hi Bill,

I like the take away one because of the tender moment between the couple. The road crossing one doesn't work so well for me because it doesn't connect with me in any way- no idea why.

Well done for trying street at night, I very rarely do so- sticking to deserted landscape scenes instead. I have missed some cool opps in Melbourne as it gets dark early here and was thinking that I really need to learn how to use flash photography effectively.

ismall said...

re your new/old camera

Great! Do you know how to replace the seals? I have the same issue with my ricoh 500.

Also, I've been loving my Olympus Trip so much thst I picked up an Olympus 35RC which is it's rangefinder older bro but it was £65 so out of the range of the challenge. How have you been finding it going back to film with your old SLR? I can't wait to get my oz shots developed. I'm in Sydney now and have been checking out good locations for a couple of days- will start taking some proper shots tomo.

Bill Wellham said...

Glad you're enjoying Oz.

Im now researching the light seal thing. I am going to very carefully open her up and take a look. I don't really want to pay someone to do the work (not yet anyway). I think I need to buy a particular type of soft foam laminate and snip out a shape to match existing. Lots of internal cleaning with lighter fluid.

As for my SLR.. I have a problem with the door not shutting properly. But the Nikon is a lot harder to open up. Problems problems.

G'day and keep on shootin'