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Sunday, 8 April 2012

London - Shooting at night - part 1

I had a go at shooting at night recently. Taking pictures of people after dark, without a flash, is quite difficult. I think I need quite a bit more practise to master this, or a much faster camera. I made use of the surrounding London City lighting as best I could; sometimes sillhoutteing people, other times illuminating them.  Even so, getting the camera set up was really quite difficult.  I was using ISO 800 as a base line, together with f1.9 when the camera let me.  Of course this was limiting my depth of field and I was having a nightmare getting things focused, let alone exposed correctly.  Next time I will try manual mode and set up zone focus; and just keep trying.

Night photography is fun though, and certainly a challenge.  There is a whole different group of people in the city to shoot at that time of night; starting the evening with the madness of the rush hour, leading to the city workers drinking at bars and restaurants, and lots of hard working people in between like street cleaners, security guards and cafe/bar staff. The railway stations and concourses are great starting points, and also are well lit for easier photography.

Here are a few images from my first attempts at late night street shot, using my Ricoh GRD3.

I took this at the start of the evening. The streets were busy with commuters, cabs and buses.

I was trying to use the back lighting to get some sillhoutte type images of city workers, but didn't really get any 'interesting' people or images.

Liverpool Street station escalators, and a few brandies after the rush hour

The security guard in the last shot asked me to stop taking photographs (for no reason whatsoever, of course). So after that I decided to sneak behind him and take his photo.

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