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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Japanese Gardens & Temples - Part 3

Although the following images are not exactly gardens, they do fall into the theme of peaceful meditation and ancient beauty. So here are a few more images taken from Japanese places of quietetude. (it's a word).  One of the strangest and most interesting places I visited in Japan was the Okunoin Graveyard; a very large and ancient forest of graves and tombs. The forest was beautiful in itselt, but the added masses of tombs, shrines, statues and graves gave the whole place a touch of magnificent eerieness.  This is actually one of the most religiously spiritual places in Japan. The founder of Japanese Buddhism is believed to rest in the forest in eternal meditation, awaiting the second Buddha.  My photos do not really do the place justice, and give no clue as to the sheer size of this cemetry. I have seen some unbelievably good photos taken by far better photographers than myself.  These were taken quite a few years ago; and I would relish the chance to go back and take photos with the knowledge I have gained since.

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