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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Local Photography - part 2

Once again, I decided to take a wander around my home town of Colchester, with my Ricoh GRD3 in my hand. We've had terrible weather for the last few weeks; not how May should be at all. However, today the sun managed to break through the clouds throughout the day.  (I am writing this post just four hours after my local wanderings, which makes a change for me).

These are not all street photography per se, as I do not want to fall into that genre blind to all other photographic oportunities.  Sometimes I just take photos of things I find aesthetically pleasing.

I'll start with this dude in a hat. Smoking and looking pretty cool, or confident enough to have a go at least.

Another hat...  this time on a survivor of the 1960s.  A real hippy pensioner out in the spring sunshine.

 An old dog patiently waiting with owner for the green man.  Good boy.

I like taking shots like these...  something about this bric-a-brac shop front drew my attention.  I have 'cross processed' this image through photoshop. It adds a little age to the image without going down the sepia route.  I wanted to keep the basket colours.

 A spot of lunch in a middle eastern cafe.  I always play with my camera at the table.  To my wife's annoyance, I have often spent ages positioning items around the table to get an interesting photo. I just like cafes...   they are great places for candid photography.  Not the sort of place to wave your 200mm lensed DSLR around; but perfect for the GRD3.

I took this shot of a church, which is open to public daily as a charity run cafe, second hand market, and live music venue.  It is known as CO1 Cafe, and is a youth based charity, helping the young people of Colchester get something out of life. The church itself was built in 1050AD. One thousand years old and still in good use!

Heading home as the clouds start to gather. This nice building at the top of my road is named 'Hollytrees', and is museum about Colchester's local and social history.

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ismall said...

I really, really like the basket shot. Feel the colour adds something to it too. I'd class that as street because the presence of people is implied... Somebody left it there.

Other shots don't speak to me as much but I like how you've made the sky really pop in black and white - feels like a storm is coming- ominous