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Friday, 11 May 2012

London - Shooting at Night - part 4

Yet more images from my recent wanderings around London in the late evening. Although they were taken at night time, most of these were taken in and around railway stations and therefore are not exactly 'night shots'.  I think stations are great places for photography as they often encompass great architecture and engineering, cafes and bars,  and of course...   people.

The first shot shows a rather petite girl, attempting to ascend the stairs, with her instrument case on her back. I think the case maybe as tall and as heavy as the girl. Just goes to show that studying music can also keep you very fit.  This was shot on the wonderful London Underground with my Ricoh GRD3.

Waiting for a train, or a person? She stands in the middle of the enourmous St Pancras station platform, while others all dash around from place to place. She looked a little lost.  I framed the image so that she was positioned to the very right hand side, which allows the background of train and platform to hold some importance. Once again, the GRD3 allowed me to take her shot from the hip, at a distance of just 3 meters away, while the wide angle included a nice background.  This area was actually quite dimly lit, and although I pushed the ISO up to 800, this is not as pin sharp as I would have liked, but still good for a low-light hand-held shot.

Still in St Pancras Station; I found a nice place to take shots of people as they walked into my frame. The background was was clad in stainless steel, while the floor was a simple granite finish. It had a simplicity which I thought would make a great canvas.  This was still not very well lit, and so I was capturing a certain amount of blur, which I think is forgivable with fast walking people.  I was about to capture the guy with the hat as he walked by, when the lady stepped into my frame and looked straight into my lens!  I was not sure about the image at first, but ended up keeping it (and posting it).

I can never resist cafe images. There is always something about the atmosphere and style of a cafe. This is one of many paces to eat at St Pancras Station. Most of the cafes inside the main station building are all of a very high quality and style. Maybe this guy is having one last coffee and cake, and a little peace and quiet, before he has to catch his train to Paris (or maybe not). 

At 10pm many of the station's cafes start to close. I liked the uniformity of these chairs stacked on tables.

Outside and back on the streets. It's late now and very dark.  I made use of the bright light from behind these gates to capture a walking sillhoutte.  I particularly liked the radiating shadows on the pavement. This is something I may try again, as there are so many good places to capture such images. I think with a little practice I will maybe get a better shot in the future. 


ismall said...

Hey Bill.

Really like the girl on the platform. Good composition and like the background details. I'm always around there as kings x is my station into London.

Also like the upturned tables - interesting perspective. Agree with you re iso 800 - I don't like images on GRD above that.

Not sure re the image that you decided to keep in the end... Doesn't work for me but I can see why you kept it.

s.c said...

Nice shots Bill. The girl on the first photo not only has to carry her cello but also she had 2 bags in one hand. The cafe has a kind of a Hopper painting atmosphere. Desolation and loneliness. Great ones. I have to try that kind of night shots also someday.

Anonymous said...

Love these!
Awesome work

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks to all of you. Getting feedback from people ("constructive critique") makes it all worth while. I love blogger for this reason... different people from all around the world, showing each other their photography! So simple and satisfying.

Lets keep it up, guys.