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Monday, 18 June 2012

...another architecture post (from Japan)

Here are some images taken while walking around Osaka, and pointing a wide angle lens up at the surrounding buildings.  Nothing very clever really. I am still not sure if architecture in japan is particularly attractive or even progressive.  The following three images could be in any city around the world, but are from Osaka; and probably represent the more accessibly aesthetic side of Japanese architecture.  I pushed all these through Silver Efex Pro for the monochrome conversion.

This is the Umeda Sky Building, which is certainly tall and modern, with some very interesting ideas; but I still don't personally think it is very pleasing on the eye.  This is somewhat unconventional for Japanese architecture, and is 'loved-hated' by the Japanese.  Great roof observatory. 

This, on the other hand, is my second favourite Osaka building. (after the Crystal Tower). This is the Suntory Museum, designed by 'concrete loving' Osaka born architect, Tadao Ando. It was a wonderful arts complex situated on Osaka harbour. I say 'was', because the building closed in 2010. My wife, who is from Osaka, thinks it may have closed due to lack of interest!  I think the Arts do a lot better in London / Paris / New York etc. than they fo in Japan.  Shame. 

Here are another two examples of Japan showing that it can be brave and artistic, and willing to step outside the norm.  Maybe museums and galleries are the exception in Japan, and have the go ahead to be formed from interesting shapes and materials.  I love these two buildings:  Osaka Science Museum, followed by Osaka Museum of Art.

Here are some examples of ugly Japan, which I still think make great photographic images.  Of course we can find uglyness in any city around the world, but I actually like the brutal and ugly side of Japan. Totally non-apologetic structures for purpose and function.


Michael Gatton said...

Fabulous architectural shots, as usual!

s.c said...

Great shots. I agree with Michael.

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks guys. Buildings are very easy and good subjects... they stand still and always behave themselves! :)