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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Chrisp Street Market

I have often found myself wandering around markets with my camera in order to capture some images of the public going about their daily lives. I think that markets are great hubs for people of all walks of life. I have previously written and posted some images from some of the more well known markets, including Brick Lane, Portabello Road and Greenwich Market. Those markets are all quite trendy and are generally magnets for the incurably cool.  The majority of markets are not cool nor fashionable; they just provide the local population with a source of affordable groceries, goods and clothes. Many of them are the focal point of a local community, often surrounded by the housing, the local supermarket, post office and a couple of pubs. These are the markets that don't get onto Time Out magazine's lists of places to see.

Chrisp Street Market is such an example. It is located in the east end of London (not the fashionable part). It was originally designed by Frederick Gibberd, who was responsible for some great (and controversial) civic architecture throughout the 1940s to 1970s; including the original plans for Harlow new town, Liverpool Cathedral and a long list of other familiar buildings. We are talking concrete architecture here.

Chrisp Street Market, after all these years, is starting to look a little run down and very shabby; although there are big plans ahead to bring it way up to scratch.  Total make-over!  (once the local council can afford it).  This does not stop the place being a hive of activity, full of market stalls, small shops and local shoppers. It just goes to show that people love to trade, buy and sell, meet up and gossip, whatever the local environment.  I believe that these little markets are far better for people and community than the countless out of town shopping centers which seem to be taking over the land.  Not everyone drives a car...  a statement very much true to many of the Chrisp Street Market locals.

Here are a few shots of those busy folk at Chrisp Street.


Michael Gatton said...

I love how you're able to get a lovely separation of the people from the background all the while maintaining significant depth of field. You must be quite close to the subjects. Online Photographer had coincidentally an article today about depth of field...seems apropos.

Bill Wellham said...

Cheer Mike. I do like to get as close as possible with people images. But I also do like a large DoF, because for me, the background is very important and often places the subjects in context to their surroundings. All part of the story.

Abtin Eshraghi said...

Great shots Bill.
The standout shot for me is the bald bloke with the two fingers in the air. I can also make out your reflection... Snapping as you walk past!

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks Abtin... Yeah that's me! (well spotted)

Anonymous said...

Please remove the picture of the three girls at chrisp street market you did not ask for our permission which I think is very disrespectful! let alone posting it on the internet!!

Anonymous said...

Please remove the picture of the 3 girls at chrisp street market.