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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Monthly Favourite - Weir Boardwalk

I am a fan of perspective, lines, points and geometry. Maybe this comes from my somewhat unfashionable interest in mathematics. I see geometry everywhere I look; part of my brain is always measuring my surroundings and picking up the patterns that exist around me.

This is an image of a boardwalk along a canal weir. The persepctive screams out everytime I walk along it. The addition of the shadow from the sun, cutting the image directly along the center, required me to take the photo. I converted to black and white, and added a blurred vignette to give it a slightly spooky feel.


s.c said...

Great perspective indeed and the B&W intensify that feeling. Only I am not sure about the blur effect. How sharper how more impact for me.

ismall said...

I love this photo- has to be one of my fave on your blog so far.

Don't worry about being unfashionable- us maths geeks have to stick together. I like the perspective but also how the lines and shadows all work together to bring the viewers eye to the vanishing point.

I've been looking at lines and geometry a lot recently and last week went on an architectural photography workshop so I'm in that kind of mindset right now.

Good job!

Oh when you get around to looking at my most recent post (finally had some time!) the last pic is one taken during our photowalk in Soho.

Anonymous said...


Bill Wellham said...

Thanks guys...

S.C. I wasn't sure about the blue either (but I did it anyway) I like to experiment sometimes :)

Thanks Iesha. Lets go shoot some architecture up town some time. See if we can find some of the less obvious places to photograph.

Dennis... Thanks as always.

Abtin Eshraghi said...

Bill, I have to say, I like the image but I really don't live the blurred vignette. Sorry, but for me it spoils the photo. I reckon it would have looked much better without it.

Michael Gatton said...

Beautiful shot, I can't add much to what's been said already about the amazing converging lines and the shadows. If you are going for a dreamy effect then the blur works - it's your vision.

Bill Wellham said...

I really didn't think this shot would create this many comments! This is why I love blogging... I get good honest critique from photographers I respect. :)

I think I shall take the same exact photo again, on another day, and create a non vignetted version; post it up and see if it floats!

Thanks guys.