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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Portabello Road

Last month, I met up with my blogger friends, CC & Gerry, for a wander around Portabello Road and it's various markets and bric-a-brac shops. It is definitely one of my favourite places to get some interesting people images.  The public visiting this market are a real cross section of society, including tourists, antique fans, junk fans, trendy fashionable people, arty types, and the real locals just trying to get their weekend groceries. Portabello Road is a very long road indeed, and is split into different kinds of market trade areas; starting with the most famous antique & bric-a-brac stalls, then leading onto food and eating places, and finally an interesting market selling everything from clothes, music and accessories.

It is always incredibly busy when the weather is good, and still busy when it's not. There are colourful and interesting characters everywhere you look; old and young.

As usual for street photography, I have used my Ricoh GRD3.

This old girl was singing songs and strumming away on her old battered guitar to a small collection of bystanders.  She was like something from a byegone era, but had talent and happy confidence enough to play her songs to the public.  (for a few coins too, of course).

I really liked this VW camper van, which had an installed coffee machine.  I think this was the owner, who was relaxing with a book while business was quiet.  This is definitely 'cool'.

Further along, I spotted this very dapper chap, dressed in smart jacket and cap. He was laughing to himself while reading something on his phone.

Nothing much to say here...  A glass of wine and cigarette. English pubs are all now non-smoking places.

There was something strange and compelling about this guy.  He reminded me of a quaker or a missionary from times long gone. Aiming the camera up from the hip gave me this dark and foreboding shadow under the brim of his hat, which I accentuated against the white building walls

It seems to me that about one in four people in public are always using a smart phone; and the number is rising. This stall owner is wrapped in crochet while relaxing for a moment. I thought that this was the one image which deserved a colour process.  Everything seems stoney grey, apart from the crochet blanket.

This guy, also on the phone, was left guarding his partner's bike while she was in a shop. The sun was bright and the bicycle shadows were strong on the ground.  The red bike just ached to be photographed.

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s.c said...

Nice street portraits Bill. Funny how people with a mobile in hand not seeing anything around.