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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Town Centre Cycle Race

For the last three years, on a day in June, Colchester town center has been closed off completely to the traffic, for the Halfords Tour Series cycle races. This tour series has stages in various towns up and down the country, and displays some of the top road race cyclists, as well as a large and noisy public audience.

For me, it was an excuse to wander around the crowds lining the race barriers, with my trusty Ricoh GRD3, to try and get some images of the event.  I have not really had much experience in photographing sports events, let alone any kind of fast moving vehicle action.  I had to try and be a little creative with the small Ricoh; especially as I don't have DSLR zoom lens capabilty for those classic telephoto style images of cyclists coming towards you at speed with lots of back ground blur and isolated faces.

I saw quite a few people with high end Canons and Nikons with 200mm F.2.8 lenses. I saw guys with bags full of lenses and heavy duty tripods.  There was equipment hanging around necks worth more than my car!  So all I can do is try to squeeze a few clever shots here and there, attempt some panning shots and try to fill the rest in with background imagery.  Of course, a little post processing and cropping helps. So here goes.

That's the best I could get out of the actual cycling action.  I also wanted my ususal batch of people shots; some were connected with the race, while others were just out and about that evening.


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s.c said...

Nice shooting Bill. In Holland Halfords is a firm with a lot of bicycles and car material. Is it the same in England.

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks S.C. Yes Halfords is a cycle and car shop. I think there has been a shop in every town ever since I was a child.

Bill Wellham said...

and thankyou Dennis. :)

Anonymous said...

Delete the picture of the three girls it's disrespectful how you did not even care to ask permission to take a picture let alone post it up on the internet.