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Friday, 13 July 2012

The British Seaside

Here in the UK, June was the wettest June since records began. July has continued to be much the same. The British summer seems to be changing from the long hot happy summers of my childhood, into cooler rainy wash outs with tendancies to floods and storms. I used to feel that maybe these dull summers were just one offs; but they seem to be happening more often than not.

This July, there have been some serious rainfall in the county of Devon, better known as the 'English Riviera'.  Several rivers burst their banks, cars and houses were swept away or ruined, as a whole month of rain fell in one day.  So where did I decide to spend a week away this year?  Spain?  Italy?  Turkey?  Florida? 
Of course not.  I spent a week in Devon.

Rain....    Rain....    Rain....

Well of course it wasn't that bad all the time.  I enjoyed three very warm days, and one very hot sunny day. I think I made a good decision to head for the coast on the sunny day, and here are some images of a small rocky cove called Oddicombe Beach near the small coastal town of Babbacombe.  As you can see from the following images, it is a very small bay; and the tide was in for most of the morning. So most people sat around on the hard area waiting for the waves to roll away, while eating ice creams and sipping beers.

Ice cream in one hand, Ricoh GRD3 in the other; I took a few holiday snaps for my blog.

I have tried some different colour treatments on these images. The first three images have softened and slightly desaturated colours, with a tweak to the hue. I wanted to them to look a little 'painted' in the old post card way.


This next image has had a cross process effect, which gives it that 1960s-1970s feel, which is quite apt as Oddicombe Beach has not changed since those decades.

Here's a good old black and white conversion for this lovely old couple. Hello Gorgeous.

Just a little tweaking of contrast and sharpeness for this one. This life guard was making sure none of the old timers got into trouble during their surfing or kite boarding antics 

And just to prove that not everyone at the beach was in their sixties; here's a shot of some younger ladies heading for the beach.   Cross process filter with a touch of vignette.


Michael Gatton said...

Nicely Done, Bill. Some dramatic skies, colorful beaches, and having some fun with the processing, I like that it's more subtle than the canned effects found with instagram...Sorry about the rain, but that's a cool shot of the mom & kid :-)

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks Mike. I know what you mean about instagram effects though; they all look rather similar and somewhat over cooked. When I first saw instagram effects I thought WOW... then after seeing several thousand, I think zzzzzz.

I enjoy trying to do subtle tweaks myself, even if it takes quite a bit of work and time; especially because I have total control over the output.