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Thursday, 19 July 2012

City of London - Part 4

This is merely a continuation of my last City shoot. These are some more images which I saved for another day.  Today in fact.

This first image was taken while I stood still with the camera propped on the hand rail by my side, waiting for people to just walk on by. I picked this point based on my fondness for brickwork, particularly victorian walls. The addition of the stainless steel handrail adds a nice linear detail.  Using this rather lazy method of people shooting, I am able to get many photographs with different subjects, allowing me to pick the best one.  I picked this lady due to her smart outift, concentrated expression and just her walking stance. It always amazes me how differently all people walk...  smartly, slowly, quickly, scruffily, shambling, orderly, purposefully...  These are the things that can be shown in a frozen image.

I liked how this one turned out.  The guy was standing in the same position, looking up,  for several minutes; allowing me to compose this image how I wanted it.  I exposed correctly on the guys jacket, which threw the shadowed background into complete blackness. It came out far better than I hoped, especially the way the facial features are exposed in against the shadow.  I still have no idea what he was looking up at!

On this next image, I was originally taking a photo of the building across the street, which has touches of 1930s art deco in the east end of London. I got that clean shot off okay, but then I got the idea of capturing some street action. I took several images of people 'just' stepping into my view finder. I saw this cool London girl approaching, and had just one opportunity capture her just how I wanted to.  Click!  Thankyou.

I have tweaked the colour curves using photoshop, to bring out the London bus, and raise the colour in her hair and skin.  The addition of head phones give this image a touch of 'Cool Britannia' (imho).  I have noticed that lots of 'street photographers' look down on post processing and cropping etc. It is not pure enough for them and goes against their 'rules' and 'ideals'.  So then, I am not a pure street photographer...  oh well.  I do things my way.


Abtin Eshraghi said...

When I fist looked at this post I thought the 1st and 3rd images are the strongest but the more I look at them, the more I like the 2nd.
It's almost like the bloke is looking up at the beam of light, like it's a higher being, thinking: "come on then, beam me up mate"!
I think it's one of my favourite photos on your blog.

Michael Gatton said...

Great strategy, I might steal that from you as an entrée to getting people into my photos :-) I also particularly like the second shot, but the third one is a strong composition with the "face off" between the girl and the bus. The colors even match! Nice.

s.c said...

I like the way you describe how you make the photo,s and what the purpose is. And thinking in advance before making. I also like the way you always have a special look for the buildings or constructions on your pictures. Great job.

Bill Wellham said...

Abtin... cheers very much, and I like your 'beam me up' angle :)

Mike... thanks again. I did play with those colors though to get them to work with each other.

S.C.... Thankyou. I am no expert in photography, but I do enjoy writing down how I ended up with my images. Also, as I have often said, the buildings are just as important as the people (in my opinion) :)