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Monday, 2 July 2012

Japanese Gardens & Temples - Part 4

Here's another bunch of images taken in Japan.  When I look through all my old images from my times in Japan, I still keep discovering more and more things with which I think I can create another blog post; although I don't want to scrape the bottom of the barrel of course.  Sometimes my photography blog isn't about photographic images per se; I also like to just present some interesting pictures that I have managed to capture.  Over the years I took many pictures from temples and gardens but the majority of them were not that great. This was mostly due to my lack of photography know-how at the time, which I hope has improved over the last two years. I really can't wait to go back again soon, and I will probably spend all my time wandering with a camera, (while my wife shops and visits all her friends and family). 

In every single garden or temple grounds, there are scattered many decorative lanterns, known as tōrō. Most commonly carved from stone, although sometimes in metal or even wood and paper; these lanterns originally were found only in buudhist temples. They slowly became common place in shinto shrines, and then eventually in private gardens. In some parts of Kyoto, they are absolutely everywhere.  I have always found them quite interesting, and rather photogenic. 

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Michael Gatton said...

Lovely images. I like the dreamy effect of the first one, although I worry about the health of that green water in the background.