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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Olympic Torch

I'll keep this one simple. 

Last week the Olympic Torch went right past my house. In keeping with the June and July weather to date, it was a wet and rainy day.  I hope the whole Olympics won't end up being held under rainy skys.  It was pretty convenient for me to be able to just step outside and watch the torch go by.

It was good to see everyone come out of their homes to watch this 'once in a lifetime event'. The torch was due to be run up the hill (and it is quite a hill) at around 8.45 am. Looking down the hill, I could see lots of umbrellas and cheerful onlookers all patiently waiting for the torch.

Looking up the hill, more locals all waiting along the side of the road. At the top of the hill, just out of sight, lies Colchester town center; where thousands of cheering public would be lining road, ten deep at least.

I could have taken many shots, close ups, artistic images etc...   but instead I just held up the Ricoh GRD3 and pressed the shutter.  So to add to all the other thousands of similar images of the Olympic Torch; here's mine.

Hooray...   (slightly underwhelmed by the whole occasion, but still pleased to have witnessed it)


Anonymous said...

Nice shots!
The weather will turn out just right!

s.c said...

And who was the lucky runner before your house. I watch BBC breakfast a lot and know that all this people are famous ones (but not necessarily in sport) and saw Jamie Olivier walking with the torch. He looked like he could do with some running practise.

Bill Wellham said...


Dennis - we might be lucky with the sunshine during the Olympics, but I have almost given up hope with the summer.

S.C. - Actually, I tried to find out who he was, but couldn't get his name. In the small rural towns, outside of all the famous cities; most of the torch bearers have been members of public who have done amazing charity work, or have given something for the community. Nobody famous ran through Colchester Town (oldest recorded town in England)

Michael Gatton said...

Wow, the color and perspective in that fist shot are amazing, nicely done!

George McKay said...

Well, you caught it all - the flame from the torch, the purposeful stride, and the accompanying escort of fellow runners. A far better result than my effort capturing that scene back in 1984 prior to the opening of the L.A. Olympics.