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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Local Photography - part 3

I thought I'd post some images of people I've captured in my home town of Colchester. Local People... Normal People. All too often I am drawn to the big city with the lure of incredibly trendy and interesting people, awesome architecture, and an amazing global collection of humanity... all just for me to photograph.

My previous posts; Local Photography part 1 , and part 2 , and also Town Centre Cycle Race were all about the people on your doorstep, or at least wandering around town. The more I concentrate on this local mission, the more I am beginning to enjoy it. It is certainly less expensive than hopping on a train to London, especially now that the fare is around £30 from Colchester! For any international readers of my little blog... the UK is possibly the most expensive place on earth to travel around...  virtually the highest fuel price per litre, the most expensive bus and train fares...  and shoes are not cheap here either.  I digress....

Happy friends sharing a bottle of wine outside a restaurant. They were probably joking about the latest 8% rise in train fares...   (ohh there I go again).  

Another cafe, and hard working member of staff.  I just dig those groovy chairs. 

Incredible combinations of colour, and style. (what do I know about fashion?)

This was taken using the 'sitting down at a table and pointing the camera up as people walk by' method.

Alright mate?  yeah, alright mate?

Man studies man studies art.  I liked the way the shadow cut across the image forcing one guy into shade.


ismall said...

I absolutely love the third one down, the colours are wonderful and I like the composition.

£30?! That takes the complete mick. I take lots of pics in London because I'm always there for work, friends and family but I'm a big fan of appreciating where you live. I've decided that my little town will be great for long term projects where I can gain access because people know me. For instance a local shopkeeper has agreed to let me photograph the comings and goings in his shop and maybe do some portrait work, which I've been slowly getting a taste for.

Picture opportunities are everywhere- looking forward to seeing more shots from wherever you choose.

Michael Gatton said...

People are interesting everywhere, and your pics certainly attest to that. You don't have to be a flamboyant cosmopolitan or exotic stranger in a strange land to exhibit a humanity that everyone can respond to, if you catch them at the right moment. Of course, I say this from experience using my mind's camera, because I still can't bring myself to actually photograph people with my canon :-)

George McKay said...

Nice glimpses of everyday life, Bill.