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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Local Photography - part 5

A couple of weeks ago, we had some sunshine at the weekend, which was a welcome break between the rainy saturdays throughout most of July.  I thought I'd make the most it, and try and do some of those eternally popular if slightly cliched 'shooting into the sun' shots.  I had no idea how the results would end up.  I had to save some of these through photoshop, and even though the end results are not exactly natural, I quite liked them. There are flares and grain all over them, which I don't mind, but I think I need more practice. The shadows on the ground worked well, which I punched up a little with photoshop.

Here are a few more images of people I caught on that day.

A little union jack bag here; it seems that this flag has finally become reasonably cool after all those years of fashion designers deparately trying to flog it.  Just shows what three weeks of olympics can do.  I'd much rather see the union jack everywhere than the St. George England flag; which is normally found on bald headed tattooed football fans, hanging out of council house windows, and on stickers on the back of white builders vans.

People waiting for buses are the next easiest photo targets after people on the phone.

Leopard skin tights, cigarette on the go, sun in her eyes. Nice bit of attitude, I think.

Some more attitude...or is that altitude?

I often find myself lining up to get side profiles of people, as the walk by.  I always try and find a certain canvas, preferably a wall with interesting decor or style. This guy really was struggling under the weight of the bag.

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Michael Gatton said...

Well, over here the Union Jack has always been cool. I'm glad the guy with a girl on his shoulders isn't ON the skateboard, although that would be a great picture if he could pull it off..I like the color here, it maintains some of the grittiness and contrast of your B&W style.