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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Monthly Favourite - Japanese Carpark

Parking space is limited in Japanese cities. This is simply due to the high population and incredibly densely built up urban areas. Actually, you can't own a car in Japan unless you have a certified place to keep it parked overnight. Car parking in Japan is serious business!

Wandering along a back street in the small city of Tokushima, I discovered this amusing little car park.  A car parking company has made use of this tiny space between two buildings, and installed all the typical equipment you would find in a Japanese car park.

In a car parking space for just two cars, we have:

  • Two clearly marked parking boxes. Each with it's allotted number.
  •  Yellow reversing buffers, with written notice to take care while reversing.
  •  Electronically raised and lowered security beams, which operate after payment.
  •  Each space has it's own ticket machine on a white post.
  •  There an additional receipt machine on a post, with red written notice of usage.
  •  A very large notice board with highly descriptive instructions on how to use the car park.
  • For the record - 20 minutes parking = 100 yen JP = £0.80 UK = $1.25 US.
  • Two lamps above the notice board. This is a 24 hour service, of course.
  •  Two separate drinks vending machines, serving hot and cold beverages.
  •  A small litter bin with daily changed bin liner bag.
  •  A yellow barrier has been installed to protect the building wall.
  • A red cone. Maybe used to show when space is not in use.
  •  There are also some small potted plants hidden behind that little Daihatsu.


ismall said...

Are you in Japan at the moment Bill?

Bill Wellham said...

No Iesha... this was just one of my oldies. My wife is going to Japan in October for a quick family visit, while I stay here and earn the dosh! I am a tad jealous :)

George McKay said...

Nothing can be too simple, huh? What an operation!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

s.c said...

The funny thing is not only two parking places in this space. But also two vending automats in the background so to see. How many people are going to use that. Great shot of the street conditions on the other side of the world.